Project role: Art Director, Principal Designer
Contributors: Justin Symons (Graphic Designer)

Every year, Lithium holds a customer conference to unveil new products and celebrate their customers. At the beginning of this project the creative team was given the tagline, “Share the experience”. This tagline was meant to serve as a tent-pole to build the conferences visual theme off of. Alongside of the theme our primary goal was to maintain a direct connection to the Lithium brand while keeping the visual system for the theme flexible —one that could be used to build unique compositions in any of the many applications needed for the conference. During the process this theme was dubbed, “Billboard” because of it's scale and use of large typography elements. The concept behind "Billboard" was to go beyond the conversation and become a never ending, continuous narrative. Just like LiNC, “Billboard” isn’t about the single experience, but one that is shared amongst the vibrant community of Lithium customers.
There are a couple of core characteristics within this visual system. The first being the 30º slant that separates each panel. The slant was used to provide a sense of motion and depth, creating a seamless and continual experience. The second is the way we use type to drive greater impact. Large font sizes bleed off of panels or slightly covered by other panels, extend and enhance the overall sense of motion. 
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