There are things that CMOs can do to strategically define a brand. My weapon at Lithium was Jared Cunningham. His creativity, his versatility and his imagination of what the brand could be, allowed Lithium to have an outsized brand for where we were in our maturity curve. It was the best investment we ever made in Marketing."
- Katy Keim, CEO at LQ Digital
His work?

Jared is the best designer and art director I’ve worked within the 20 years I’ve been in marketing. He has the experience and capability to guide new and existing brand creation and development and has an uncanny ability to turn any description or narrative into a visual story and identity. He is the X-Factor that turns a good marketing team into a great one.
- Dayle Hall, CMO at People AI
I had the joy of working day-to-day with Jared for years at Lithium, and since then he's been my go-to creative person whenever I can commandeer a bit of his time.

You'll see from his portfolio how talented Jared is, and if that were all, it would be plenty. But on top of that, Jared has a rare skill: he elicits creativity from other people. In an ego-free way that is remarkable for someone of his gifts, he clarifies, magnifies, and enables others' ideas. When I work with Jared, it's almost as though I've taken a drug that makes my thoughts more vivid and coherent than they actually are.

He's a delightful colleague. His project management skills are outstanding, he knows how to present ideas for feedback in a way that drives decisions, and he's not afraid to tell you when something you want would be .... lame. Of course, he would find a nice way to say that, because that's the kind of person he is.

You should absolutely, without question, work with Jared, but if you do, please leave him with a few spare minutes for me."
- Philip Soffer, CEO at test IO
Jared is a creative, dynamic, and goal-oriented leader - well-respected and loved by those he works with. Over the course of nine years working together at Lithium, we collaborated on countless projects, and he approached each one with a high level of care, craftsmanship, and quality." 
- Ei-Lun Yokomizo, Director of Marketing
Endlessly creative and exuberant in his work, Jared can make even the most mundane project pop off the page or screen. Even after project managers approve assignments, he’s not satisfied until something passes muster with his own superlative expectations.

Case in point: Once, when storyboarding our TV commercials, Jared was eager to volunteer his weekend time to push the project to the best it could possibly be. This is the type of man he is, and the strong asset he would provide for anyone’s team."
- Eric Massey, Professional Writer
Jared was my primary partner and the creative director of our large customer conference and he simply made everything better – much better. Yes, he was responsible for the look, feel and overall experience, but he also considered the business impact and was always learning.
His work is smart and strategic - he appreciates the intersection between creativity and business and its importance in telling great stories. At Lithium, he created a culture of deep collaboration by being kind and generous, inspiring his team to his own high standards by being tireless, adaptive and innovative, while helping them to grow their skills and careers."
- Richard Reilly, Director of Field Marketing at Lithium Technologies
Working with Jared was a really great experience. He is such a creative person, he can be a great inspiration for everyone around him. Jared is a very talented and detail oriented professional who knows very well what he is doing and he is capable of learning new things pretty quickly."
- Carolina Ferrero, Art Director at Plex Systems
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